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Quick Facts

  • Top 25% - Ranking among doctoral programs in "Public Policy, Public Affairs and Public Administration" according to the National Research Council
  • 72 - Number of students enrolled in the program in Fall 2016
  • 12 - Number of program graduates in 2015-16

Program Welcomes Fall 2016 Student Cohort

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Doctoral Program in Public Affairs is pleased to welcome a new cohort of students this fall. The group includes
16 students from four countries: Belarus, China, Turkey and the United States.

Fourteen of the new students are pictured below. Not pictured are Holly Guastalli and Donovan Williams.

Fall 2016 Public Affairs Cohort

(Front row, left to right) Maureen Hawkins, Anna Eskamani, Joe AbolloAshley Connors
Lori DrumCristina Marie Bernhardt

(Back row, left to right) Lisa Mayes, Rachel Mack, Michael Carroll, Vincent Pereira, Estaban Santis,
Xiao Wang (China), Safiya Prysmakova (Belarus),
Kenan Sualp (Turkey)

(Photo by Abi Bell)







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If we can change the system and bring people together to have the right kind of conversations, then we can really make a long-term change in people's lives -- and that is the goal.
— Nancy Ellis,  Director, Center for Community Partnerships, UCF; Ph.D., public affairs, '07
I am especially proud to be a graduate of the program. The outstanding faculty and multidisciplinary curriculum have provided me with the unique opportunity to enjoy the kind of academic career I always envisioned.
— Joe Saviak,  Assistant Director and Associate Professor, Public Administration Program, Flagler College; Ph.D., public affairs, '07
Our goals are to offer students a venue for exploring interdisciplinary approaches to policy issues, building various skills for the professional work environment and creating comradery among PAF students.
— Lauren O'Bryne,  Doctoral Student and Secretary, Doctoral Program in Public Affairs Student Organization
I like the interactions that I have with my professors as advisors in developing my dissertation because they are critical, yet encouraging at the same time.
— Matt Bagwell,  Doctoral Student and Graduate Research Assistant, Rural Health Research Group
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