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Emergency Management Student Association




The Emergency Management Student Association (EMSA) at UCF is a registered student organization that formed in 2011. EMSA actively seeks students who are interested in broadening their knowledge and experience in the Emergency Management Field. 



The mission of EMSA is to provide a means for continuing Emergency Management education outside the classroom, to supplement a student's education, cultivate relationships between peers, and to continue to professionalize the academic field of Emergency Management.



  • EMSA will provide members with the opportunity to attend a conference, exercise, or training.
  • EMSA will also foster professional relationships with practitioners in the emergency management community to create volunteer, internship and career opportunities for student members. 
  • EMSA will expand upon a student’s academic foundation provided by the emergency management and homeland security minor and the graduate certificate program, through practical application of emergency management skills and concepts.



EMSA has many prominent guest speakers during their meetings who are involved in the field of emergency management throughout the region. These speakers give the members further insight into our growing field and provide valuable networking opportunities to further student's experiences outside the classroom. In addition, EMSA aids its members in getting first hand experiences in the field. Several opportunities for regional full-scale exercises, table-top exercises, and even events on campus provide huge resume advantages over other students. 


To get more information or join, visit their 

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EMSAatUCF  

Website: http://www.wix.com/emsaatucf/home 

Or send an email to: SecretaryUCFEMSA@gmail.com  





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