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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

The College of Health and Public Affairs frequently offers study abroad programs to students enrolled at the University of Central Florida. Students have studied in many different countries, including Russia, England, South Africa, Costa Rica and South Korea, through the college's programs.

For information about all current study abroad programs at UCF, visit
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Quick Facts

  • 9 - Number of students participating in the 2015 "Contemporary Issues in the Law" study-abroad program in the U.K.
  • 10 - Number of students participating in the "Comparison of the Legal Systems of the U.S. and Great Britain" study-abroad program in England in 2016

Mailing Address

International Affairs Committee
College of Health and Public Affairs
University of Central Florida
12805 Pegasus Drive
P.O. Box 162200
Orlando, FL 32816-2200

Phone: 407-823-0171
Fax: 407-823-5821

College to Hold Inaugural Study Abroad Fair Jan. 30

Monday, January 23, 2017

The College of Health and Public Affairs is hosting its FIRST COHPA Study Abroad Fair on Monday, January 30, from 11am - 1pm in the atrium area of HPA I. 

Study abroad programs offer unique, life-changing experiences for students to broaden their perspectives and deepen their learning. Below is a list of faculty-led programs that will be featured in the upcoming COHPA Study Abroad Fair.

UCF in Taiwan - Asian Culture, Healthcare, & Aging Society:  May 31st - June 10th, 2017: Director - Dr. Su-I Hou (

UCF in The Netherlands - Social Work Perspectives of Sexuality Abroad: June 4th - June 11th, 2017: Director - Dr. Tameca Harris-Jackson (

UCF in Mexico - Healthcare in Mexico: May 30th  - June 8th, 2017: Director - Dr. Bernardo Ramirez (

UCF in Great Britain - Comparison of the Legal Systems of the United States and Great Britain: June 4th - 18th, 2017: Director - Dr. Margarita Koblasz (

UCF in S. Korea - Seoul Field Study:  Oct. (TBD), 2017: Director - Dr. Jeremy Hall (

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