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Physical Therapist

Interview of Karlyn Dauplaise, physical therapist, Florida Hospital, and physical therapy alumna, University of Central Florida (UCF)
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Quick Facts

  • 100% - (ATHLETIC TRAINING) First-time pass rate on the certification exam by 2016 graduates
  • 2nd - (HEALTH SCIENCES) Ranking among the 15 most popular majors at UCF in 2016-17
  • 12 - (PHYSICAL THERAPY) Ranking among "100 Best Jobs" by U.S. News & World Report

Mailing Address

Department of Health Professions
College of Health and Public Affairs
University of Central Florida

4364 Scorpius Street
Orlando, FL 32816-2205

Phone: 407-823-2214
Fax: 407-823-2596

Mission and Vision


PT Class Summer 2014 - 2

The mission of the University of Central Florida's Doctor of Physical Therapy Program is to cultivate excellence in physical therapist practice through comprehensive and focused doctoral education.  The program fosters excellence through its dedication to foundational sciences, clinical skill proficiency, research and evidence-based practice, service and professional duty, and lifelong learning. The program is committed to the development and strengthening of the healthcare community in order to optimize patient care in the dynamic healthcare environment.


The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at the University of Central Florida will be distinguished for:

  • Its breadth, depth, and collaborative approach to physical therapist education
  • Clinical excellence and advancement of clinical practice
  • Scholarly achievements and professional recognition of students, faculty and clinical partners
  • Dedication to the health and well-being of the Central Florida community
  • Professional commitment and advocacy
  • Cultivation of professional development to advance the practice of physical therapy

Tenets of Excellence

The University of Central Florida's Doctor of Physical Therapy Program strives to cultivate excellence in physical therapist practice. The program is devoted to the foundational principles of the doctoring healthcare profession, clinical practice advancement, research and evidence-based practice, service and professional duty, and lifelong learning. The following tenets embody the strengths and culture of UCF's Program in Physical Therapy: 

Foundational Principles

  • High standards, expectations, and lofty aspirations
  • APTA Core Values
  • Synthesis of knowledge in basic sciences leading to advanced clinical practice

Clinical Practice

  • Patient-centered care
  • Focus on evidence-based practice
  • Fostered student growth and development into specialty areas
  • Diverse core faculty composition
  • Clinical education opportunity and diversity
  • Balanced clinical preparation
  • Development through integrated clinical experiences and interprofessional education

Research & Evidence-Based Practice

  • Dedication to the research process
  • Teaching focus on evidence-based practice
  • Critical appraisal and implementation of research


  • Community engagement, impact, and influence

Professional Duty

  • Devotion to service of professional associations, committees, and task forces
  • Advocacy for the profession

Lifelong Learning

  • Cultivation of advanced clinical practice and skill enhancement
  • Scientific inquiry
  • Pursuit of clinical, personal, and professional growth

Program Beliefs

  • PT ClassWe believe that membership in the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) enhances professional development and that promoting membership should begin during entry-level physical therapist education.
  • We believe that physical therapists should uphold the scientific foundations of the practice of physical therapy and the ethical principles of the profession. 
  • We believe that physical therapists should lead by example in the areas of health, wellness and prevention by being active participants in the community.
  • We believe in respect for individual and cultural differences and we encourage understanding the culture of individuals and groups. 
  • We believe in the creation of a learning environment that fosters critical thinking, reflection, and lifelong learning.
Our new student organization, the Health Awareness Prevention Society, focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle by increasing awareness of healthy living through education and prevention.
— Suha Saleh,  Assistant Professor, Health Sciences Director
It was great to see Jennifer [Plant] honored with the statewide Athletic Trainer of the Year Award. She is an exceptional teacher, a professional leader and an amazing colleague.
— Kristen Schellhase,  Interim Chair, Athletic Training Director
The event [for children with disabilities] was a huge success. We had about 30 children, and the students did a phenomenal job. I'm already receiving inquiries about next year's event.
— Jennifer Tucker,  Physical Therapy Instructor
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