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Quick Facts

  • 93 - Percent of heath care informatics alumni employed in senior-level positions within the field of health care
  • 35 - Number of health care informatics students enrolled in the fall 2016 semester
  • 25 - Number of health care informatics students enrolled in the spring 2017 semester
  • 28 - Number of students who graduated from the health care informatics program during 2015-16

Mailing Address

Health Management and Informatics
College of Health and Public Affairs
University of Central Florida
HPA II - Suite 210
4364 Scorpius Drive
Orlando, FL 32816-2205

Phone: 407-823-2359
Fax: 407-823-6138

Career Opportunities in Health Information Management

A career in health information management offers an opportunity to combine an interest in medicine with the knowledge and skills to design and manage health information systems of a clinical and financial nature. Health information managers are professional members of the modern health-care team responsible for:

  • the acquisition and supervision of complete medical records on each patient
  • the design and management of health information systems that collect, process, store, retrieve and release health information and statistics
  • assistance to administration, other health professionals and medical staff in developing quality assurance programs by abstraction of medical data, preparation of statistical reports and analysis of information
  • assistance in the collection and analysis of data for public health services planning

Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA)

Each professional is recognized as a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) after passing the Registration Examination administered by the American Health Information Management Association. The RHIA is a fully qualified professional in the planning and management of health information systems and analysis of information generated by those systems. With today's emphasis on information and computerization, the RHIA has a unique status within the health-care community.

Places of Employment

A major employment opportunity for health information managers is in health information management/medical record departments of general acute care hospitals. Here, health information managers combine communication skills and administrative and managerial ability with special expertise in medical information management. The health information manager organizes, generates and analyzes data relating to treatment, reimbursement, planning, quality management and research. Other positions within the hospital for which the health information manager is qualified include quality assurance, utilization review and risk management.

There are other agencies and/or facilities that utilize the skills and knowledge of the health information manager. These include, but are not limited to, physician offices, clinics, home health agencies, insurance companies, accounting firms, federal and state government agencies, hospice-skilled nursing centers, consulting firms, psychiatric facilities, and educational institutions.

Meet Two Alumni


Christina Martinez is a health information
manager at Orlando Health (formerly Orlando
Regional Healthcare). Click here to read more
about her career.

"I love the activity and diversity of this work ...
ensuring that information is accurate and
complete ... providing information to people
when it's needed ... and working with staff to
meet our objectives." 
- Christina Martinez, B.S., Health Information
Management ('98); M.S., Health Sciences -
Health Services Administration Track ('05)

Click here for interviews of Christina Martinez
and her colleague Michael May, B.S., Health
Services Administration ('01); B.S. Health
Information Management ('03); as seen on
UCF's former television program,
For Your Health.
UCF's program provided me the opportunity to expedite my student experience while attaining practical experience working within local health systems.
— Daniel Barr,  M.S.HSA, '04
“UCF was one of only a few programs nationwide that offered the course work and modality that met my needs. It is definitely a different way of learning, but I find the online modality truly a rewarding and unique experience for learning and collaboration.”
— Jennifer Hamilton,  Executive M.S.HSA, '14
The UCF Health Care Informatics progam has been the catalyst in needed to reignite my career.
— Guy Piasecki,  M.S.HCI, '12
The health care informatics faculty offered unique perspectives and provided me the ability to succeed in a dynamic field that is changing our healthcare delivery system.
— Ashley Swain,  M.S.HCI, '12
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