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Quick Facts


100% - First-time pass rate on the certification exam by 2013 graduates
3rd - Ranking among the 15 most popular majors at UCF (UCF Facts 2013-14)
7 - Ranking in "100 Best Jobs" by U.S. News & World Report in 2014

3.62 - Average prerequisite GPAs of the admitted Class of 2016


3.69 - Average GPAs of last 60 undergraduate credit hours of the admitted Class of 2016

156 - Average Quantitative GRE score of admitted Class of 2016

154 - Average Verbal GRE score of admitted Class of 2016

100% - Percent of graduating students from the DPT Program from Class of 2010 thru Class of 2013 that passed the national licensure exam (national average was 88-93%)

100% - Percent of graduating students from the DPT Program from Class of 2010 thru Class of 2013 who were employed as physical therapists within 6 months of licensure

Athletic Training


Admissions Information

Application to the Athletic Training Program traditionally occurs just prior to the junior year of study. Students who have met the UCF general education program (GEP) requirements, Athletic Training pre-requisite courses, and other Athletic Training admission requirements are eligible to apply. Applicants must be accepted as a student to UCF before they can be accepted into the program. Please visit UCF Admissions for an undergraduate application if you are not already a student at UCF.

The Athletic Training Program is a restricted access program accepting between 25-30 students each year. For information on prerequisites, admission requirements, and the official program of study, please visit the program page in the current undergraduate catalog.

In addition to applying to UCF, students must also submit a separate program application to the Athletic Training Program no later than March 1st of the academic year in which they seek admission. The complete application process includes all of the following documents:

  • Transcripts from ALL schools you have attended or a UCF audit (if all previous AP or college credit is listed on your audit)
  • Proof of admission to UCF (if you are a currently transferring student)

  • Letter from each athletic trainer observed (if you observed multiple athletic trainers at the same site information can be combined into one letter)
  • Letters of recommendation (optional - limit of three)
  • One or two page typed essay that covers how the student defines the profession of athletic training, why he/she wants to study athletic training, and an explanation of his/her professional goals.
  • Any documentation that might be required regarding your criminal or academic background (if applicable)
  • Physical Examination form completed by MD, DO, RNP, or PA-C. (Physical must be less than one year old)
  • Signed Technical Standards Form. The inability to meet the technical standards requires further consultation with the Program Director to evaluate your personal situation. Student disability is not a factor in the evaluation of applications.


Please visit Frequently Asked Questions for answers to some of the most popular inquiries including how to obtain the required 100 hours of observation.


The UCF Program in Athletic Training is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE).