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Quick Facts

  • 6 - Number of graduate programs in the college ranked in the top 100 nationwide by U.S. News and World Report in March 2016
  • Fall 2015 - Launch of the Doctoral Program in Criminal Justice
  • Spring 2016 - Launch of the completely online Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) program
  • 2015-16 - Academic year in which the college recognized 25 years since its founding in 1990-91
  • > 1,700 - Number of children and adults with speech, language and hearing problems served by the Communication Disorders Clinic
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Faculty & Staff Directory

Janet Whiteside

Janet Whiteside

, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Clinical Associate Lecturer, ASHA Fellow
Communication Sciences and Disorders, Communication Disorders Clinic

Professional Links

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Academic Appointments

Director and Founder of the Aphasia House, June 2010 - Present                

Chair of the Board of Clinical Educators, October  2008 - December 2012               

Clinical Faculty, January 2001 - Present                    

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
University of Central Florida

Courses Taught

Clinical Education and Academic Teaching in Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, Speech-Language Hearing Sciences and Related Areas. 

• Taught nine different graduate level courses in the areas of aphasia and related disorders; entry, intermediate and advanced clinical practicum; cognitive-communicative disorders; directed research and readings, and internship in clinical supervision. Student Perception Rankings have always been in the upper 5% of those received by faculty and above departmental average.

• Developed two master's elective courses: Cognitive-Communicative Disorders and Traumatic Brain injury. 

• Supervise all clinical education in the Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program, (ICAP) called the Aphasia House. Each year, 48 students are supervised. Each student receives 4 hours/weekly for a total of 64 hours/weekly for 30 weeks/year. Student perceived outcomes were presented at ASHA, 2014.

Cherney, L., Lommen, G., Oehring, A., Persad, C., Rodriguez, A., Whiteside, J., & Wozniak, L. (2014). Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Programs (ICAPs):  Illustrative Case Studies. Presented at the American Speech/Language Hearing Association Convention, Orlando, FL.



  • Ph.D., CCC-SLP
  • Research


    Clinical Service and Applied Research in the Area of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology:

    • Designed and developed the Aphasia House, the only year-round university based intensive program for persons with aphasia in 2010. The Aphasia House is an Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program (ICAP), housed within a home environment, to promote language rehabilitation. All therapy is provided by graduate students as part of their clinical practicum. Client outcomes have been outstanding and have been disseminated nationally at the following conferences: 

    Whiteside, J. and Kong, A. (2013). Outcomes & Design Principles of a University's Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program. Presented at the American Speech/Language Hearing Association Convention, Chicago, IL. 

    Hinckley, J. & Whiteside, J. (2012). The Magic of Intensive Aphasia Therapy. Presented at the Florida Speech/Language Hearing Association Convention, Orlando, FL.  

    Helm-Estabrooks, N. & Whiteside, J. (2012). Use of Life Interests and Values (L!V). Cards for Self-Determination of Aphasia Rehabilitation Goals. Perspectives on Neurophysiology and Neurogenic Speech and Language Disorders; 22, 6-11. 

    • Designed and developed the Aphasia House International at the Universidade de São Paulo, Bauru, Brazil, to open in 2015. Two doctoral studetns spent  four months, Fall 2014, at the University of Cetnral Florida being trained in the design and implementaiton of the program. This is a landmark opproutnity as services for persos with aphasia are very limited in Brazil.

    • Pioneered the first use of mixed reality (MR) in the treatment of persons with acquired brain injury.  Mixed reality is the combination of stimuli of the real world as well as from virtual artifacts.  This combined art and science form was used for proof of concept that such technology could enhance transfer of learning from a clinic to the home environment. 

    Fidopiastis, C.M., Stapleton, C.B., Whiteside, J.C., Hughes, C.E., Fiore, S.M., Martin, G.A., Rolland, J.P., & Smith, E.M.  (2006). Human Experience Modeler:  Context-Driven Cognitive Retraining to Facilitate Transfer of Learning.  CyberPsychology and Behavior, 9, 2.  pp. 183-187. 

    Whiteside, J. and Fidopiastis, C.  (2006). Mixed Reality Environment Enhances Learning for a Stroke Patient.  Presented at the American Speech/Language Hearing Association Annual Convention, Miami, FL. 

    • Innovator of conversational storytelling, a therapeutic technique to enhance conversation and engage curiosity and imagination with persons with aphasia. 

    Whiteside, J., Stapleton, C., & Hirumi, A., (2014).  Creative Innovation in Transforming Aphasia Treatment.  Presented at the American Speech/Language Hearing Association Convention, Orlando, FL.

    • Designed and developed Friday Only Club, a three-hour, weekly group therapeutic experience for persons with aphasia, founded in 2011.  This program is based on the Life Participation Approach for Aphasia (LPAA).  The program is an option for graduate students to gain clinical skill in intervention with an emphasis on client driven, social activity and participation goals.  Each semester, 12-15 persons with aphasia are welcomed along with graduate students for each participant.  Each semester, advocacy campaigns are initiated to make the community aware of aphasia.

    Whiteside, J. and Tatum-Riley, L. (2015).  Measuring Outcomes in the Friday Only Club, a University-Based LPAA Group.  Presented at the AphaisaAccess Leadership Summit, Boston, MA.

    • Designed and developed, along with community supporters, the Brain Fitness Club for persons with early stage dementia.  This nationally acclaimed program, recipient of the 2013 ICAA Innovators Achievement Award, was founded in 2007.  Since its inception, graduate students have provide 30 minutes of cognitive-communicative therapy in a positive, stimulating environment to all participants.  Currently, the program included 32 participants per semester, 8 students per semester.

    Kong, A., Bargmann, P., Zuniga, A., Timmons, L., Hagenbaumer, C. and Whiteside, J. (2012).  Using Apps on iPads to Conduct Cognitive Exercises for Early Dementia.  Presented at the American Speech/Language Hearing Association Convention, Atlanta, GA.

    Whiteside, J., Edgar, D., Bargmann, P. (2010). Brain Fitness Club for person with early stage dementia.  Presented at American Speech/Language Hearing Association Convention, Philadelphia, PA.

    • Designed and developed Traumatic Brain Injury program at the University of Central Florida, an intensive program for college students with a history of TBI, developed group therapy for persons with TBI, and acquired national funding for the development of tailored dynamic study skills. 

    David, K., Whiteside, J., & Folsom-Kovarik, J.T., (2014). Conceptualization of a Study Skills Intelligent Software System for Persons with TBI.  Presented at the American Speech/Language Hearing Association Convention, Orlando, FL

    • Collaborated with colleagues nationally and internationally in the development of measurement of narratives for persons with aphasia and teaching students various measurements of discourse.

    Kong, A., & Whiteside, J. (2014).  The Main Concept Analysis (MCA) for Assessment of Aphasic Narrative Production.  Presented at the American Speech/Language Hearing Association Convention, Orlando, FL.

    Kong, A., Reres, A., & Whiteside, J. (2014).  Analysis of Macro-Linguistic Structures in Narrative Discourse of Aphasia.  Presented at the American Speech/Language Hearing Association Convention, Orlando, FL  

    • Collaborated with colleagues in Arts and Humanities, from other higher educational institutions, to develop innovative programming for persons with acquired brain injury.  This innovative program paired undergraduate students in arts and humanities with graduate students and their client with aphasia.  The exploration focused on using photography as a means to communicate, particularly emotions.  

    Whiteside, J., Kong, A., Helm-Estabrooks, N., Queen, J., Roe, D., Drew, R. (2010).  The photograph as Language:  Workshops for People with Aphasia.  Presented at American Speech/Language Hearing association Convention, Philadelphia, PA.

    Estabrooks, N., Roe, D., Whiteside, J., Queen, J., Drew, R.  (2009). Photography as a Means of Expression:  Performance as Related to Aphasia Severity and Nonverbal Cognitive Status.  Presented at the Academy of Aphasiology, Boston, Massachusetts.

    • Served on 11 master's and doctoral students' thesis and dissertation committee

    • Implemented and analyzed outcomes of a systematic review of literature to move research into clinical practice.

    Rivers, K., Romeo, M., Whiteside, J. & Ratusnik, D. (2014). Moving Research to Clinical Practice:  Implementation of CDSS in Graduate Programs to Improve Clinical Decision-Making.  Presented at the American Speech/Language Hearing Association Convention, Orlando, FL

    Engaged students in multi-site investigations to promote research in use of neuroimaging such as fNIR, narrative discourse analysis via AphasiaBank data collection, and beta testing with Northern Speech Services and Pearson Products.


    Funded external grants

    Whiteside, J.D. (Co-PI2012-2013).  Situated Executive Adjunct (SXA).  SBIR with SoarTech.  $20,000.

    Funded internal grants

    Kong, A.P.H., & Whiteside, J.D. (P.I., May 2010 - Apr 2011). Narratives of adults with aphasia: Influence of linguistic functioning on concept analysis. Office of Research and Commercialization In-House Research Grant; University of Central Florida; $7,500. [UCF: 18709010]

    Whiteside, J.D. (P.I., Dec 2011 - Nov 2012). Use of Attention Processing Training for treatment of persons with acquired dyslexia from stroke. Competitive Grant 2011-12; Learning Institute for Elders at the University of Central Florida, Inc. (LIFE@UCF);$1,500.

    Whiteside, J.D. (Co-PI, 2006). Physiological sensing of persons with acquired alexia.  Institute of Simulation and Training.  University of Central Florida; $5000

    Whiteside, J.D. (Co-PI, 2005). Advancing simulation sciences for cognitive rehabilitation.  College of Health and Public Affairs Discretionary Grant. University of Central Florida; $5000.


    Research Interests

    • supervision
    • Cognitive-Communication Disorders


    • SPA 4903H : Honors Directed Readings I
    • SPA 4904H: Honors Directed Readings II
    • SPA 4970H: Honors Undergraduate Thesis I
    • SPA 6503: Entry Graduate Clinical Program
    • SPA 6942C: Clinical Foundations III
    • SPA 6943C: Clinical Practice I
    • SPA 6471: Cognitive-Communicative Disorders
    • SPA 6410: Aphasia and Related Disorders
    • SPA 6918: Directed Research
    • SPA 6908: Directed Readings: Fundamentals of Neuro-Cognitive Communicative Assessment
    • SPA 6908: Independent Study
    • SPA 6553L: Diagnostic Laboratory

    The health care informatics master's program at UCF really helped me connect with the industry, meet people at conferences and sit for the most-desired certification exams."
    — Michael Neimann,  M.S. in health care informatics ('14)
    My internship with the District 9 Medical Examiner’s Office was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I gained an excellent understanding of the medical examiner’s office and the criminal justice field in general."
    — Adam Stubley,  B.S. in criminal justice, criminal profiling certificate ('11)
    UCF provides its physical therapy students with an excellent education and prepares them to work in the most challenging of settings."
    — Jamie Dyson,  Rehabilitation Supervisor, Orlando Regional Medical Center
    UCF's program provided me the opportunity to expedite my student experience while attaining practical experience working within local health systems."
    — Daniel Barr,  V.P. at National Children's Hospital; M.S. in health sciences, health services administration track ('04)
    My master's education helped me see the big picture of the nonprofit industry. UCF showed me how to see the different fundraising tools within the Central Florida area."
    — Krysti Griffith,  Executive Director of Growth from Grief; Master of Nonprofit Management ('12)
    The course opened my eyes to grant writing ... I learned a great deal and you [Barbara Howell] are truly an excellent instructor."
    — Deborah Reith,  Master of Public Administration student who secured a $10,000 federal grant through a course project; B.S. in criminal justice ('86)
    The skills I learned during my time at UCF are what made my transition to law school so seamless."
    — Jacqueline Iaquinta,  Touro Law Center student; B.S. in legal studies ('10)
    As an inaugural graduate of the M.R.A. program at UCF, I can attest to the outstanding curriculum developed for research administrators. "
    — April Heyward,  Post Award Services Coordinator, University of South Carolina; Master of Research Administration ('13)
    It was at UCF that I first learned many of the skills that I’ve since honed, including mapping with GIS software - an ability I found invaluable to my search for internships, graduate-level coursework, and employment."
    — Richard "Ben" Hagen,  Research and Communications Associate, New Economy Project, New York City; B.S. in public administration ('10)
    I am excited to be able to give back to the program that invested so much in me. It is truly and honor and a privilege."
    — Carlos Gual,  Instructor of Athletic Training; B.S. in athletic training ('09)
    The faculty advisor [at my medical school] was amazed that I had the opportunity to truly participate in the full spectrum of research as an undergraduate. "
    — Chase Cavayero, medical student at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicince, B.S. in health sciences - pre-clinical ('13),  
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