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  • 445 - Bachelor's degrees in criminal justice awarded in 2015-16
  • Fall 2015 - Launch of new doctoral program in criminal justice
  • 4 - UCF campuses offering a bachelor's degree in criminal justice (Orlando, Cocoa, Daytona Beach, Valencia West)
  • 1 - Rank of online undergraduate program by

Online Advising for UCF Online (only) Students

Although the information contained in this section may be useful for any student taking courses online in the Criminal Justice undergraduate program, it has been designed to focus exclusively on Criminal Justice Online Students who are taking all of their classes online and who have been through the virtual orientation.  Students who are designated as UCF online-only students, must be particularly aware of their own need to navigate the systems, and should pay very close attention to the information that is provided by UCF in the online orientation and through the various information sources.  Ultimately it is the student's responsibility to enroll in classes when they are able to do so, and to properly read his/her degree audit so that s/he takes the appropriate courses.  Advisors are here to help if it is needed, but material related to which courses meet each required category is available from various sources, and this tab is one of many resources available to provide guidance. 

Students who have been admitted into the UCF Online Campus (enrolled through Online@UCF and taken Virtual Orientation) are considered virtual students and will be assigned an "online" major code. That means they may not participate in some campus-based activities, and they are restricted to take only online classes.  There is a slight difference (decrease) in cost for UCF online-only students because those students are not required to pay campus-based fees. 

Students who began enrollment at UCF in Fall, 2015 or later, may transfer into that category IF they have ONLY taken online courses to date and they only will take online classes in the future. If a student is an UCF online-only student and wants to participate in campus classes or activities, there is a ONE-TIME option to move out of that category to a campus-based category.  This is a ONE-WAY transfer, and students may not be moved back into UCF Online.  

Criminal Justice Degree Requirements

Criminal Justice, B.A./B.S.

Program Type: Online Major

College: College of Health and Public Affairs

Credits Required: 120

The Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Central Florida provides excellence in teaching, research and service. Dedicated to its students, the faculty delivers outstanding instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels, incorporating learning, service and inquiry. The Criminal Justice undergraduate program provides a comprehensive core course structure, combined with a rich variety of upper-division electives to provide an excellent knowledge base in the field of Criminal Justice. The curriculum is designed (1) to prepare graduates for positions in the field of criminal justice in local, county, state and federal justice agencies, private security organizations, and related fields; and (2) to prepare students for graduate work in criminal justice or related disciplines. Students should plan their major or minor in consultation with an advisor.

Degree Requirements

Detailed information available in the UCF Undergraduate Catalog.  Courses designated in the General Education Program are generally taken during the first 60 hours of study.  Information provided herein relates to completing your Criminal Justice degree online.

The difference between the B.A. degree and the B.S. degree is that students who select the B.A. option must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language equivalent to 1 year at college level. High school language will fulfill the B.S. language requirement.  Students who change degree programs and select this major must adopt the most current catalog.  Departmental residency requirement consists of at least 36 semester hours of regularly scheduled courses taken from the UCF Department of Criminal Justice.  Beyond the General Education requirements, students are required to complete a 21-hour Criminal Justice Core; 27 hours of upper-division CJ Electives; and 12 hours of Supportive Course Work, selected from this listing, Criminal Justice Supportive Coursework.

Optional internships are permitted. Six hours of internship credits may apply toward the upper-division electives. Internships must be selected in consultation with the departmental internship coordinator and must be approved in advance prior to registration for internship credits. Internships may not be allowed in some states. Contact the program advisor for current restrictions.

Core Requirements: 21 hours - Required of all students

  • CCJ3014:  Crime in America
  • CCJ3024:  Criminal Justice Systems
  • CJL3510:  Prosecution and Adjudication
  • CJC3010:  Corrections and Penology
  • CJE4014:  Police and Society
  • CCJ4701:  Research Methods in Criminal Justice
  • CCJ4746:  Data Analysis for Criminal Justice

Restricted Electives: 27 hours

Choose from the following courses with a "W" in the section number to ensure you are enrolling in fully online courses at UCF.

  • CCJ4035:  Crime and the Media
  • CCJ4054:  CJ Ethics
  • CCJ4129:  Cultural Diversity and CJ
  • CCJ4644:  White Collar Crime
  • CCJ4651:  Drugs and Crime
  • CCJ4670:  Women and Crime
  • CCJ4681:  Domestic Violence and the CJ System
  • CCJ4690:  Sex Offenders and the CJ System
  • CJC3134:  Prisons and Jails
  • CJC3164:  Community-Based Corrections
  • CJE3001:  Careers in Criminal Justice
  • CJE3444:  Crime Prevention
  • CJE4012:  Criminal Profiling in CJ
  • CJE4174:  Comparative Justice Systems (4 credit hours)
  • CJE4630:  Serial Murder and CJ
  • CJE4654:  Crime and Place
  • CJL4514:  Criminal Sentencing
  • CJT3803:  Security Management
  • CJT3821:  Practical Security Applications
  • CJT4843:  Risk Management in Criminal Justice/Private Security
  • SCC3311:  Security Administration
  • SCC3316:  Special Security Problems

Supportive Course Work: 12 hours

Select from this listing, Criminal Justice Supportive Coursework, or any completed minor will satisfy supportive course work requirement.

Online Courses:

Some elective choices (not listed), and courses that are not in the major may not be offered online. Please check courses in your chosen minor and/or the supportive course work listing to ensure you are selecting courses that are available online (W). Due to restrictive state regulations, UCF is not permitted to provide online courses or instruction to students in some states. More information is available here.

Departmental Requirements:

Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the major and maintain a grade of C- or better in each core course.

Transfer Notes:

Up to 12 hours of CJ course work taken at another institution may be substituted for UCF CJ courses with equivalency in course content and proper documentation.

For additional information contact:

Department of Criminal Justice
College of Health and Public Affairs


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One of the benefits of conducting international fieldwork is the opportunity to become engrossed in a different culture.
— William Moreto,  Assistant Professor
The people I worked with ... put me in every scenario possible and allowed me to experience it first hand.
— Max Thedy,  former student intern who worked with law enforcement rangers in Cape Town, South Africa
I cannot stress enough the importance of the basic research skills and knowledge, combined with an understanding of data analysis for those planning to be leaders in the field of criminal justice.
— Roberto Hugh Potter,  Criminal Justice Department Professor
I would not be in the position I have today if it weren’t for the Criminal Justice Program at UCF.
— Carl Metzger,  M.S. in Criminal Justice, '03; Deputy Chief, University of Central Florida
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