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Quick Facts

  • 445 - Bachelor's degrees in criminal justice awarded in 2015-16
  • Fall 2015 - Launch of new doctoral program in criminal justice
  • 4 - UCF campuses offering a bachelor's degree in criminal justice (Orlando, Cocoa, Daytona Beach, Valencia West)
  • 1 - Rank of online undergraduate program by

FAQ Current Students

Where can I find my degree audit?

Go to your student center, MY UCF account, or the Registrar's Office located in Millican Hall, Room 161.

I have a problem with my password, or I cannot log into MyUCF. Who should I contact?

Contact the Help Desk at 407-823-5117.

What should I do if I am having problems with my computer when I am on a web course my system fails causing my grade to be affected?

Contact tech support at Online@UCF.  Here are three ways to contact them:

  • Phone: (407) 823 - 0407
  • Email:
  • Online using our

I have a HOLD on my registration.  How can I get it removed?

Contact the department which placed the hold or the Cashier's Office (Pay fee)/or Registrar's Office (Millican Hall).

Where do I go to find a Transient Student form?

From your web browser, go to, and submit the transient form electronically.

How do I Add or Drop a course.

You may ONLY drop or add a course during the specified period of time during the first week of classes.  The last day to drop a class is the Thursday of the first week of classes and the last day to add a class is the Friday of the first week of class.  To drop or add a class, go to your student center (MyUCF) and follow prompts.

How do I withdraw from one or more classes.

Go to your student center BEFORE the published withdrawal deadline (see academic calendar and withdraw from the class.

How do I apply for grade forgiveness?

Go to your student center BEFORE the published grade forgiveness deadline (see academic calendar and request grade forgiveness. Students must be enrolled in the second attempt prior to applying for Grade Forgiveness, and requests must be submitted no later than the Withdrawal deadline for the term/session in which the course is being repeated.

How can I appeal a grade?

First, you should try to have the matter resolved with your instructor.  If the two of you cannot come to resolution on the grade, your next level of appeal is the Department Chair, Dr. Catherine Kaukinen.  If there is need to appeal the decision further, the next level is the College, and Mr. Melvin Rogers.

How do I request a grade of Incomplete?

Many instructors will not entertain a grade of Incomplete unless there are exigent circumstances.  However, you may apply for a grade of Incomplete by contacting your instructor. 

How can I have my transfer courses/credits count toward my General Education courses?

Contact Academic Services (Millican Hall 210) or

How can I get approval for transfer course as a course substitution for my Criminal Justice major? 

Contact Ms. Ellington at 407-823-2603.

What should I do if I find out I'm on academic probation or disqualified from the university?

There are steps you can take.  You will need to contact Undergraduate Student Services Office (HPA 2 115).

How do I get a copy of my transcripts?

Official transcripts must be ordered online through the MyUCF portal.  Please see the Registrar's web page for costs associated with transcripts:

I am getting ready to graduate.  How do I file an application to graduate?

Go to your student center and file on line first then Undergraduate Student Services Office (HPA 2 115).  All intents must be submitted the semester before the student graduates.  The deadline for submission is the Friday of the first week of classes the term BEFORE the student graduates.

One of the benefits of conducting international fieldwork is the opportunity to become engrossed in a different culture.
— William Moreto,  Assistant Professor
The people I worked with ... put me in every scenario possible and allowed me to experience it first hand.
— Max Thedy,  former student intern who worked with law enforcement rangers in Cape Town, South Africa
I cannot stress enough the importance of the basic research skills and knowledge, combined with an understanding of data analysis for those planning to be leaders in the field of criminal justice.
— Roberto Hugh Potter,  Criminal Justice Department Professor
I would not be in the position I have today if it weren’t for the Criminal Justice Program at UCF.
— Carl Metzger,  M.S. in Criminal Justice, '03; Deputy Chief, University of Central Florida
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