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Quick Facts

  • 445 - Bachelor's degrees in criminal justice awarded in 2015-16
  • Fall 2015 - Launch of new doctoral program in criminal justice
  • 4 - UCF campuses offering a bachelor's degree in criminal justice (Orlando, Cocoa, Daytona Beach, Valencia West)
  • 1 - Rank of online undergraduate program by

Career Roadmap

Gavel Courtroom

Are you interested in criminal justice but not sure what to do after graduating from UCF?

  • Do you want to work at a local, state or federal agency or in the private sector?
  • Do you want to be a sworn officer -- a professional with arrest powers who usually carries a gun and wears a badge -- or work as a civilian employee?
  • Do you want a 9 to 5 job or flexible shift work?

Criminal justice professionals are always in high demand!

With a degree in criminal justice from UCF you can seek opportunities in the fields of policing, courts, corrections or in the private sector.

Follow this guide to a great future! 

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One of the benefits of conducting international fieldwork is the opportunity to become engrossed in a different culture.
— William Moreto,  Assistant Professor
The people I worked with ... put me in every scenario possible and allowed me to experience it first hand.
— Max Thedy,  former student intern who worked with law enforcement rangers in Cape Town, South Africa
I cannot stress enough the importance of the basic research skills and knowledge, combined with an understanding of data analysis for those planning to be leaders in the field of criminal justice.
— Roberto Hugh Potter,  Criminal Justice Department Professor
I would not be in the position I have today if it weren’t for the Criminal Justice Program at UCF.
— Carl Metzger,  M.S. in Criminal Justice, '03; Deputy Chief, University of Central Florida
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