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Quick Facts

  • 2012 - Founding year of Evans Community School in Orlando
  • 2014 - Founding year of the Center for Community Schools and Child Welfare Innovation
  • 2014 - Founding year of Evans Wellness Cottage at Evans Community School in Orlando
  • $1.5 Million - 2016-17 Florida legislative budget allocation to fund community schools
  • 3 - Number of Community School Planning Grants awarded in 2014-15

Mailing Address

Center for Community Schools
College of Health and Public Affairs
University of Central Florida
Health and Public Affairs I
12805 Pegasus Drive
Orlando, FL 32826-2200

Phone: 407-823-2723
Fax: 407-823-0744


Planning Facilitation

Evans DevelopmentThe Center for Community Schools and Child Welfare Innovation is available to assist initiatives by facilitating planning sessions for a community school project. This may include topics such as stages of development; project strategic planning; development of community school vision, mission, and core principles; sustainability efforts; and more.

Technical Assistance

Starting a community school can be made easier with qualified assistance. We know that every community school will be different and needs a customized approach while still keeping important foundational elements intact. The center staff is available for consultation in person or by phone, email, skype or phone conferencing. Depending on the stage of development, we assist initiatives from the first steps of planning to full implementation, becoming UCF-Certified, and reviewing strategies and programs to offer recommendations for ongoing improvement.      


The center's staff is available to provide community school presentations at meetings and conferences. Let us know your area of focus, and we'd be happy to accommodate your presentation need. 

Resource Production

The center gathers and produces resources to assist initiatives. Why reinvent the wheel? Resources include "How to" guides, lessons learned, project development worksheets, webinars and more.   

Professional Development

The center offers a series of professional development presentation modules on community school stages of development.  The modules are aimed to assist partners in the preparation efforts for full implementation and community school improvement. The center also will offer webinars on various community school components (e.g., after-school programming, parent involvement) necessary for successful implementation.


Community schools in Florida have the unique opportunity of becoming UCF-Certified. The center offers certification to those community schools who have reached benchmarks in meeting community school standards. Schools receiving UCF-certification qualify for financial support from funds provided by the Florida Legislature.


The center offers evaluation and review sessions to assist initiatives with project development and continuous improvement measures. 

We are proud of this collaboration that brings additional resources to benefit the health and wellness of our students most in need.
— Brian Binggeli, Superintendent,  Brevard Public Schools
Technical assistance from UCF will determine the noneducational barriers and resources needed for students to be more successful.
— Tim Putman, Executive Director,  Western Division of Children's Home Society of Florida
The community school movement continues to grow because folks are looking at their schools and realizing that the only way to get young people the opportunities they deserve is through partnership with the community.
— Martin Blank,  Director, Coalition for Community Schools and President of the Institute for Educational Leadership
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