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Welcome to Center for Community Partnerships at the University of Central Florida. The center links UCF resources with local initiatives to help strengthen communities in Central Florida. Our mission is to form long-term partnerships that improve the lives of children and families throughout the region. 

We believe our approach is unique. We deliberately step out of the traditional roles universities often assume in university-community partnerships, namely, conducting research and placing student interns. The Center for Community Partnerships brings together the organizations and people who can really advance initiatives. In doing so, the center demonstrates the novel role of the university as a convener and facilitator in university-community partnerships. 

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the center's goals, focus areas, current partnerships and partnership opportunities.

- Nancy Ellis, Ph.D., Director, Center for Community Partnerships

Evans Wellness Cottage is Now Open in Pine Hills! Get Involved Today!

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For more videos about the college, visit the YouTube UCF COHPA Playlist or COHPA's Official Channel
If we can change the system and bring people together to have the right kind of conversations, then we can really make a long-term change in people's lives -- and that is the goal.
— Nancy Ellis,  CCP Director
The idea is to form a long-term partnership in the community that, over time, can have a significant impact on improving the lives of children and families.
— Dean Michael Frumkin,  Dean of the College of Health and Public Affairs
SYNERGY…that’s the word that comes to mind. Without the collaborations facilitated by the Center for Community Partnerships we would not have been able to produce results for kids.
— Raymond Larsen,  Children’s Community Services Director, Heart of Florida United Way
We could not have implemented the Evans Community School without the vast resources and expertise of the committed and dedicated staff.
— Charlene Sears-Tolbert,  Children’s Home Society of Florida, Evans Community School Director
“The Center for Community Partnerships has been a real treasure for Central Florida. They have helped so many organizations, established needed services, and given the community a welcome link to the University.”
— Linda Sutherland,  Healthy Start
I am in awe of the amount of time, patience, and expertise that the CCP has expended during our joint project with OCPS in developing the Evans Community School. Dr. Ellis and Dean Frumkin are tireless advocates who...
— David Bundy,  President/CEO, Children’s Home Society of Florida
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