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Human Resources

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Employee Relations
Hiring Guidelines

Please note that all Human Resources forms are organized alphabetically under the A-Z index, which is located at, .


Compensation is dedicated to maintaining a compensation program focused on attracting, retaining, and rewarding a highly qualified and diverse workforce to serve students, faculty, and staff.

USPS Job Codes and Salary Ranges
A & P Class Codes and Titles
State University System Classifications/Specifications & Pay Plans 2002
Compensation Actions Checklist
A & P Position Description
USPS Position Description

Employee Relations

The role of Employee Relations is to provide guidance and counsel regarding personnel matters involving the USPS and A&P classifications in accordance with appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreements, HR regulations and policies.

The job performance of each USPS and A&P employee is to be reviewed (discussed) annually to ensure performance standards are met, to review the employee's position description (if necessary), to enhance communications, and to convey the supervisor's performance expectations for the coming year.

Using the USPS Performance Review Form, written appraisals of a USPS employee's job performance shall be conducted during the sixth month of the employee's initial probationary period with the University.  USPS employees in positions which have a six month probationary period will serve only one (1) probationary period.

Performance appraisals (A&P) (USPS) shall be conducted and turned in on the University wide performance review due date of February 15th. USPS and A&P employees whose hire date lies between July 1st and December 31st will be exempt from the Annual Performance Review immediately following their hire date. However, no USPS employee, regardless of their initial hire date with the University, is exempt from his or her initial 6-month probationary review.

Hiring Guidelines

Please start all searches with the COHPA Hire Approval Form

A & P Hiring

A professional, benefits holding position that is exempt from overtime

COHPA A&P Hiring Process
HR A&P Hiring Guide
COHPA A&P Hiring File Index
COHPA A&P Hiring Folder Checklist
HR Packet Checklist
HR New Employee Sign-In

USPS Hiring

A benefits holding position that is either exempt or non-exempt from overtime

COHPA USPS Hiring Process
HR USPS Hiring Process
COHPA USPS Hiring File Index
COHPA USPS Hiring Folder Checklist
HR Packet Checklist
HR New Employee Sign-In

OPS Hiring

A non-benefits holding temporary position that can be classified in several different categories. Please see types of OPS positions to best determine what fits your employee's position at UCF. All OPSCG, OPSSTU and OPSGRD hires require attachment of brief job description to ePAF.

Adjunct Hiring

A contracted, or fixed bi-weekly, position that includes an Adjunct Faculty Agreement and an established job code.

Hiring Guide
AA Hiring Checklist
COHPA Adjunct Hiring Folder Checklist
COHPA Adjunct Hiring Folder Checklist- under 1 year
Employment Certification- Form AA-20
Adjunct Faculty Agreement
HR New Employee Sign In
Reporting Hours for Adjuncts/Dual Comps

Faculty Hiring

Faculty Posting Template
COHPA Faculty Hiring Process
AA Hiring Guide
AA Hiring Checklist
Employment Certification- Form AA-20
COHPA Faculty Hiring Folder Checklist
COHPA Faculty Hiring File Index
Faculty Position Vacancy Announcement (PVA) Change Form 
AA Faculty Agreement Processing Guide
FQMS- Discipline Description 
E&G Salary Commitment Form
Faculty Employment Agreement Form


Payroll Services is dedicated to the goals of ensuring that our employees are paid accurately and timely and maintaining the official University personnel information systems which are utilized to serve our internal and external customer needs

Office of Academic Affairs Summer 2014 & Academic Year 2014-2015 Dates 
Income Tax Tables
Payroll Calendar
Cost Center Authorization List
OPS Healthcare Implementation

Processing Off-Cycle Requests for Payment:

If for some reason an employee did not receive a paycheck on payday, an off cycle check request can be requested by the departmental payroll authorizer. Please be aware that a $50.00 fee per check request (maximum $500.00) will be charged to the department. If the error was a result of Human Resources' processing, the fee will be waived.

To request an off cycle check, please complete the Off Cycle Check Request Form. The applicable Timesheet and/or Leave & Pay Exceptions Report should be attached. 

Once Payroll Services has processed the payment, the employee will be notified via e-mail that the check is available for pick-up. Please note that all off cycle payments are processed in the form of a paper check.

Off cycle checks can only be requested and processed for the most recent pay period, and cannot include retroactive payments for a prior pay cycle.

Dual Compensation:

As stated in Regulation UCF-3.0032, the primary purpose of Dual Compensation is to pay a full-time employee for services performed outside of their primary job for a different department. Services that are performed above and beyond the employee's normal primary job functions within the same department cannot be paid as Dual Compensation. Exception: Faculty overload, which is a form of dual compensation, is governed by Academic Administration.

In this context, "full-time employee" refers to USPS, A&P, Faculty and Executive Service classifications with 40 standard hours per week.

(OPS employees do not qualify for dual compensation and should be hired via the ePAF.)

There is a guideline Dual Compensation ePAFs that explains how to create the ePAF for a dual compensation payment. Please continue to use the Request for UCF Dual Compensation Form, secure signatures, scan and attach to the ePAF


The Records department oversees ePAFs, New Employee Sign-In paperwork, Non-Resident Alien employees, Verification of Employments, Public Records Requests, and more.

For procedures and/or information, please see the following navigations/links:

For Sign in paperwork: Managers & HR Liaisons - Employee Sign-In Paperwork
Helpful links:
Training
Common Sign-in Paperwork Errors

For ePAF Information: Managers & HR Liaisons-ePAF
Helpful links:
ePAF Mini-Guides

Electronic Personnel Action Forms (ePAFs)
The Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) was developed to streamline and simplify personnel action processing for employees. The paperless process allows for the rapid processing of personnel actions, intuitive workflow routing, and the ability of departments to check the status of ePAFs at any time.

For information on access, please see the ePAF Access and Training Page

C&G Funding Account End Dates on ePAFs
ePAF type
ePAF Attachment Guidelines---FAQ
ePAF Calculator - for help please see How to use the ePAF Hourly Rate Calculator
FTE Calculator: Teaching Adjunct/Teaching Dual Compensation
ePAF Originator Processing Manual
ePAF requirements for ORC Compliance
Guidelines for 9-Month Summer Faculty Employment Agreement/ePAF Processing


Have a question about ePAFs? Click herefor more information.


Electronic I-9 Forms

Paper I-9 Forms will no longer be accepted after November 22, 2012.

Employees must complete Section 1 of the I-9 Form no later than their first date of hire. Departments/Colleges must complete Section 2 of the I-9 Form no later than their third date of hire. The employee must provide original acceptable I-9 documents to the department.

For the employee:

Electronic I-9 Website
Employee Instructions
Acceptable Documents

For the department:

Electronic I-9 Website
Quick Guide
E-Verify Manual


Recruitment is responsible for recruiting all Other Personnel Services (OPS), Staff (USPS), and A&P positions.

Looking for recruitment training? Visit this site for more information.

For instructions on how to navigate the online hiring system please visit UCF People Admin 7 User Guide

For questions on how to classify an employee please see Types and Definitions of Employees
Office of Human Resources Recommended Enhancements to New Hire Processing Procedures for A&P and USPS Employees can be found here.

New Background Check Vendor Effective September 3, 2013

Unemployment Insurance Information and Upcoming Changes

Listed below are some tips and guidelines on interviewing candidates:

Tips for Supervisors
Open Ended Interview Questions
Interview Questions to Avoid

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The health care informatics master's program at UCF really helped me connect with the industry, meet people at conferences and sit for the most-desired certification exams."
— Michael Neimann,  M.S. in health care informatics ('14)
My internship with the District 9 Medical Examiner’s Office was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I gained an excellent understanding of the medical examiner’s office and the criminal justice field in general."
— Adam Stubley,  B.S. in criminal justice, criminal profiling certificate ('11)
UCF provides its physical therapy students with an excellent education and prepares them to work in the most challenging of settings."
— Jamie Dyson,  Rehabilitation Supervisor, Orlando Regional Medical Center
UCF's program provided me the opportunity to expedite my student experience while attaining practical experience working within local health systems."
— Daniel Barr,  V.P. at National Children's Hospital; M.S. in health sciences, health services administration track ('04)
My master's education helped me see the big picture of the nonprofit industry. UCF showed me how to see the different fundraising tools within the Central Florida area."
— Krysti Griffith,  Executive Director of Growth from Grief; Master of Nonprofit Management ('12)
The course opened my eyes to grant writing ... I learned a great deal and you [Barbara Howell] are truly an excellent instructor."
— Deborah Reith,  Master of Public Administration student who secured a $10,000 federal grant through a course project; B.S. in criminal justice ('86)
The skills I learned during my time at UCF are what made my transition to law school so seamless."
— Jacqueline Iaquinta,  Touro Law Center student; B.S. in legal studies ('10)
As an inaugural graduate of the M.R.A. program at UCF, I can attest to the outstanding curriculum developed for research administrators. "
— April Heyward,  Post Award Services Coordinator, University of South Carolina; Master of Research Administration ('13)
It was at UCF that I first learned many of the skills that I’ve since honed, including mapping with GIS software - an ability I found invaluable to my search for internships, graduate-level coursework, and employment."
— Richard "Ben" Hagen,  Research and Communications Associate, New Economy Project, New York City; B.S. in public administration ('10)
I am excited to be able to give back to the program that invested so much in me. It is truly and honor and a privilege."
— Carlos Gual,  Instructor of Athletic Training; B.S. in athletic training ('09)
The faculty advisor [at my medical school] was amazed that I had the opportunity to truly participate in the full spectrum of research as an undergraduate. "
— Chase Cavayero, medical student at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicince, B.S. in health sciences - pre-clinical ('13),  
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